Out Of Town Podcast

Out of Town is a joint podcast/studio session created by Nick Tate and Storm Paul.

Episode 2: Exploding World

June 1st, 2017

David A. Saylor is a tried-and-true musician, but as his project name Exploding World suggests, he isn't one to stick to standards.

The 31-year-old songwriter has a soft-spoken, wispy voice that peppers mostly acoustic tracks recorded lo-fi style in his apartment. Here and there, he'll throw in weird noises and feedback. These well-placed quirks turn what could be hushed compositions into what Saylor calls "off-kilter songwriting." It certainly makes for a satisfyingly intimate experience in this world of over-the-top, flared-up music.

Song List:
1. Omen Sun
2. Sea of Knives
3. Arms Length
4. American Spirit

Interview by Nick Tate.
Audio Engineering/Mixing/Mastering by Storm Paul.
Music written and performed by David A. Saylor.