Out Of Town Podcast

Out of Town is a joint podcast/studio session created by Nick Tate and Storm Paul.

Episode 3: The Flat Stanleys

June 1st, 2017

You can't be in a band if you have a problem with commitment. Simple as that. Practicing for hours on end only to play half-hour sets, squashing into a car with your bandmates and gear, putting the band before other social gatherings... it's never easy. But it sure is fun. It's the life.

Brian Radin and Dustin Magidson drove from their hometown of Baltimore, Maryland to our studio. We can definitely say that's a proper demonstration of commitment.

Song List:
1. Look, I Love You but You Really Fucked Me Over Big Time
2. Kiss Me With Your Headlights
3. The House That Ewald Built (Zeppelin V)
4. (Long Live) Tony Perkis

Interview by Nick Tate.
Audio Engineering/Mixing/Mastering by Storm Paul.
Music written and performed by The Flat Stanleys.