Out Of Town Podcast

Out of Town is a joint podcast/studio session created by Nick Tate and Storm Paul.

Episode 5: Vague Advice

June 1st, 2017

That's the strategy Delaware County post-rock band Vague Advice chose for their latest EP, Time Travelers' Continent. It's a six song epic based on a short story by frontman Dante Robinson. Honestly, their bandcamp explains it best, so I'll quote it here:

The band teeters on the emo/post-rock sweet spot; the fulcrum that elegantly bridges genres. They'd be right at home on a bill with Foxing or From Indian Lakes. But while they willingly make their inspirations clear, just listen to the guitar play between guitarists Dante and Jeff. Move on to Austin's wound-up basslines, or study Chris' frantic/calculated drumbeats. As Dante explains in the podcast, this story couldn't fully be told without the music tucking it in safe and sound, an all-encompassing listen.

Song List:
1. From the City Toward the Hills
2. The Things Themselves
3. Babydaisycat
4. Time Travelers' Continent

Interview by Nick Tate and Storm Paul.
Recorded by Storm Paul.
Mixed by Daniel Heetmann.
Music written and performed by Vague Advice.