Out Of Town Podcast

Out of Town is a joint podcast/studio session created by Nick Tate and Storm Paul.

Episode 6: New Design

June 5th, 2017

new designCanadian post-rock band New Design heard about our podcast through a Reddit thread. This blew our minds. A distinctive post-rock band stumbling across our dinky little show? This is what we dream about.

I always like to imagine post-rock songs as movie soundtracks. Reflective activities like relaxing, taking a walk, or exploring your own thoughts and feelings couple well with post-rock. New Design's latest record, Far From Home (2015) would make one hell of a movie score. The guitar work turns from spidery, intricate lines to elegant sun flares and swaying chimes. The band can leap from a crawling pace to a rapid fire sprint seamlessly. You don't ever have to take off those rose-colored glasses.

Storm was at the helm for this interview. The band played four songs from Far From Home, and chatted about their plans for a new release. They also talked about their current Spring Tour, the music scene in Canada, their influences, and their hometown of Brampton.

Sit back and enjoy... we're glad you're here.

Song List:

  1. When We Drown / I’ve Never Seen the Ocean
  2. There is No Safe Place
  3. So Long
  4. Far From Home